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A cross-platform tool is an app designed using multiple programming languages compatible with any device and operating system. These applicatives are adapted versions of a software for different mobiles and tablets and offer the user the same options as the native app (specific versions for every operative system).

Why develop your own app?


More control


Better accessibility<br />


Better productivity<br />

Your business in your hands

Nowadays,  the development  of cross-platform apps is the first ladder towards business goals. These applicatives enable companies to provide improved management and controlling systems. Furthermore, they boost the performance of devices thanks to its easy access and use. 

At Madetosoft we develop cross-platform apps with the aim of facilitating the work of our clients. Precise and easy-to-use systems so that any user can use them.

Some of the examples  you can find in the market are: revenue  control, internal chats, real-time analytics and control,access to catalogs and fees, vehicle fleet,  HR, client connexion and internal communication, etc…

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