This project consisted of software tailored for AuditionGest, its function is the management of patients and all the functions that you need a hearing center to function.

The software gives you the ability to easily manage all customers, as well as their invoices, they also asked us to manage the functions necessary for a hearing center.

The project consisted of 2 years, once the first meeting was held, our technical team began with the development of the software, starting with the design, agile distribution and content determination.


MadetoSoft helps you

In MadetoSoft a team of professionals with different skills and experience. We are designers, programmers and developers that we enjoy the constant challenge of our work, and this is reflected in the good results obtained by our company over these years in the market.

What makes us different to the rest of the companies in the sector is creativity and imagination of our young team, we like to know our customers and we talked about their language since we ourselves have had to adapt to the changing market situation and the rapid development of the new technologies applied to businesses and the result is, for us, more than just a product. Always pursuing perfection, we face our projects with freshness, creativity, vitality, optimism and professionalism.

The direct treatment with our clients is essential to achieve the ideal project in each case. A good professional relationship between the two parties accelerates the production and post-production process and achieves a more precise understanding of the style and personality of the client and his company. Our daily work has a marked character of a team coordinated between the different departments to be able to offer an integral response and adapted to all the needs of the client.

In MadetoSoft we are constantly training, technical and creative, in order to offer our customers the latest trends in custom software.