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Tailored-made software that fully adapts to your needs.

What is a tailored-made software?

Optimizing processes is essential In the 4.0 Industry in order to position our company, be more competitive in the market and make sure that the company continues growing. Therefore, it is necessary to optimize properly the different areas and working teams.

Accordingly, the presence of new technological tools, such as tailored-made software have promoted movements such as digitalization. An entrepreneurial philosophy that pursuits the evolution of business models.

Nevertheless, the use of any software with no purpose can have a negative impact on companies if directors of small and medium enterprises don’t analyze carefully which systems or solutions they implement.

It is necessary to explain in detail what is a tailored-made software so as the director of a company, you can understand the importance of implementing it and the potential it has to improve the management of your company.

The need to use a tailored-made software can be a key element to transform and grow your business. Choosing not to use a software can seem as a way of reducing costs but in the long term, it can negatively affect the rentability of a company.

A tailored-made software is an informatic program designed specifically for a company to cover its productive and management processes. These can vary from small applications used for mobile phones to manage sales orders to big programs to digitize and automatize customized processes.

These programmes are the result of extensive work between our technical experts from Madetosoft and our clients’ know-how. In this sense, not only do we define the work stages and processes to be done but also simplify the workflow in a unique interface that helps users work easily. No extra functions or noise for your workers.

desarrollador de software a meddia

Capacities of a tailored-made software

programas a medida

Reduce costs con software a medida.

Given that these tailored-made apps are designed according to the necessities and criteria of the company, they are able to simplify and agilize the processes of any job role. For instance, the sync of client data with a sales tool, the update of stock of raw material and packaging materials in real-time, automatizing e-commerce with an ERP, etc…

The fact that these programs are able to optimize the tasks of the working teams enable them to avoid monotone and unnecessary tasks and dedicate their time to more important and valuable ones. Tailored-made apps like CRM or ERP are an optimal way of improving and simplifying working environments and creating better communication between departments.

This optimization is not uniquely beneficial for the worker but also for the team leader since it enables him/her to know in real-time the performance of the team, and therefore also simplifies the work and can reduce costs.

Improve your productivity with a tailor-made software.oftware

Tailor-made softwares can include a big amount of activities and processes that are overlapped. It is not necessary to do repetitive or less productive tasks. You can avoid committing mistakes because of the lack of an effective solution or because of the use of too many tools.
Additionally, these apps can escalate in a progressive way. For instance, your tailored-made software can start as an ad hoc solution and then escalate to an essential tool for all automatic functions that can simplify the working day and enable the team leaders to analyse performance based on intelligent dara. These tailored-made programs are able to optimise rentability from different points of view.

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Advantages of a tailored-made software

The question you have to ask yourself is: Is it better to use software in the cloud or to use the system in the companies’ servers? This should be the first question that many small and medium companies should ask themselves when defining their digital transformation project. This decision affects both costs and process optimisation.
This is also a question that more companies are asking themselves since 70% of new companies are integrating softwares in their cloud because of its benefits. Cloud based programs are not a strange concept. Despite we have all used one in our smartphones and its benefits, many companies feel insecure using them in their main tasks.

Your own server is not required

A server is one of the crucial pieces for the management and storage of company data. A local server that centralized operations and that enables to control the confidential data of a company. 

Although it is a good decision to have your own server to optimize your companies’ processes, we have to consider that the installation cost is elevated as well as maintenance and security. On the other hand,it is necessary to count on a specialized programming team to ensure the appropriate use of the applications. Moreover, having a physical space  in the company to access, it is more vulnerable to a company espionage crime. 

On the opposite, hiring a cloud software makes the data system safer and with less vulnerabilities.

A more powerful software

Unlike the majority of local softwares that small or medium enterprises can purchase when starting a digital transformation process, tailored-made cloud-based softwares is sustained by powerful equipment designed for a higher performance. All of this with no need of investing every year in high quality hardware as the purchase of computers. 

Flexible program

Many times company management softwares come with many unnecessary functionalities that your team doesn’t know how to use. Furthermore, since programs have a unique pricing, you are forced to buy a majority of functionalities that at the end of the day, you won’t even use. 

As a result, you end up with a team that invests more time in trying  to understand the program than actually developing their tasks efficiently. And if this wasn’t enough,  you have to pay for this program which is not only not helping your team but even making them less productive than before.

Data is more Secure and protected<br />

Since cloud-based softwares are in a secure location on your web, the level of security must be certified by companies that offer these services. Therefore, when hiring a tailored-made cloud-based software, the security is already covered by different levels of data encryption.

Furthermore, there is a backup support system, so only in case of cataclysm your data would be lost. On the contrary,a physical server could be damaged more easily: for instance an increase of electrical tension would be enough to overthrow the storage of your company in a matter of seconds.

Access from anywhere

These systems are ready to be used from any device at any moment. Therefore it is possible to keep an eye on how things are going in the company or to continuously use these automated processes at any moment. Additionally, they offer commodities in case of losing your phone or your laptop. THis is no problem since you only need internet connection and the passwords to access to your servers from any part of the world. 


Without to mention that these type of softwares are much more efficient for remote working than the conventional ones. 

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